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The South Asia Resources Database contains over 120,000 records listing resources (including books, serials, archive collections and ephemera) about South Asia available in Australia and (in a separate file) over 150,000 records of South Asian materials not known to be held in Australia. The non-Australian holdings file may assist scholars to identify items which they may then be able to obtain via Inter Library Loan.

The database is part of a Project titled South Asia: Renovating the National Collection, which has been funded by the Australian Research Council: Research Infrastructure (Equipment and Facilities Program) and a consortium of institutions which teach and research in the field of South Asia. They include Curtin University of Technology, La Trobe University, Flinders University, Monash University, University of New England, University of Sydney, Australia National University and the National Centre for South Asian Studies. The project has also been greatly assisted by the National Library of Australia.

The project has been coordinated by Curtin University of Technology and La Trobe University. Associate Professor John McGuire (Curtin) and Professor Robin Jeffrey (La Trobe) were responsible for the successful proposal and acted as Directors of the project.

The database was designed and compiled by Maggie Exon and Christine Richardson, Directors of the Information Retrieval Research Unit, School of Social Sciences and Asian Languages, Curtin University and by the Project Officer, Ian Dawes of the Library and Information Service, Curtin University.

The identification and collection of data was carried out by Anne Brennan, Senior Field Officer to the project; Miriam Allan, Jenny Bridge and Nima Flora, Field Officers to the project; and by staff of the National Library of Australia.

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The Library and Information Service at Curtin University offers help with your reference queries and with locating South Asian materials. Please contact Lynne Vautier ( if you need any assistance.

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The South Asia Resources Database has been a cooperative effort of many scholars, librarians and project officers. Although we are committed to continuing quality management and enhancement of the database, we rely on you, the users, to supply us with new information. If you become aware of South Asian materials not covered by the database or unrecorded library locations please let us know. In addition, if you have personal collections which you are willing to make available to other scholars, we would be delighted to know.

Please contact Lynne Vautier with any comments or suggestions,

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