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How to Search using the Advanced Search Screen

You can use the advanced search screen to carry out more precise searches. For example, if you know the title of the item you are looking for contains a particular word or words, it is more efficient to enter them in the title box on the Advanced Search screen than in the keyword box on the initial search screen. All the instructions given on the How to search online screen apply to doing a search using one field of the Advanced Search Screen.

Searching using more than one field

Enter each separate search expression in the appropriate field. By default, this search will be interpreted as a Boolean AND search between the fields. Clicking on the AND to the left of the search box will enable you to change the Boolean operator to OR and NOT.

Location searches

One of the advantages of the Advanced Search Screen is that it enables you to do searches on the collections of specific libraries or specific states. Either:

A Keyword search box is available on the Advanced Search Screen so that location searches can be combined with a search of the whole record.

Library codes which contain punctuation

Some library codes contain colons. Due to software constraints, these colons have had to be changed to hyphens. It is necessary to use the version with hyphens when searching for these libraries.

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