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Enter the desired word in the box, eg bengal

Phrase searches

Enter the phrase in the box with normal spacing, eg indian national congress. The Webserver interprets more than one word in the search box as a single phrase.


Use an asterisk to indicate that you wish to search for all words which begin with the search term, eg comput* to find all records which contain the words computer, computers, computing ....

Truncation searches take longer to process than other searches so please be patient.

Boolean searches

To search for more than one concept, enter the words separated by the appropriate operator.

bengal&fish* to find records which contain both the word Bengal AND words beginning with fish, eg fisheries and fishing.
/ OR
pune/poona to find records containing either the spelling Pune OR the spelling Poona
coconuts!coir to find records about coconuts which are not about coir but are about other aspects of the subject.

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