South Asia Resources Database


The construction of the database has been facilitated by a large range of individuals and organisations. In the early stages, Professor John de Laeter, Deputy Vice Chancellor,Research and Development, Curtin, provided invaluable advice and support as to how best present the application to DEET for a RIEF funded grant. Throughout the project, Terry Richards has cheerfully undertaken a wide range of duties as Administrative Officer, ensuring that the project has run smoothly. At different points in its planning, Lance Brennan was particularly helpful in shaping ideas as to how it should be constructed. Again, he and Anne Brennan kindly organised facilites at Flinders University, where a workshop was held in December 1996 to plan the steps necessary for its construction.

Warwick Cathro, Assistant Director-General, National Library Of Australia, provided useful advice at the planning workshop and generous support in facilitating access to the National Library of Australia records. Vicki Williamson, University Librarian, Curtin University, has also been a strong supporter of the project, especially in providing Ian Dawes, Project Officer, with a longer term position within the Robertson Library. As Director of the National Centre For South Asian Studies, Associate Professor Marika Vicziany helped in negotiations with the Australian Research Council. Professor Peter Reeves, too, has been generous with his time, in the day to day administration of the project.

At the planning workshop held at Flinders specialists in South Asian Studies and librarians helped identify those libraries which contained significant repositories of South Asian holdings as well as indicating potential difficulties in locating such holdings. In the case of the academics, there were Associate Professor Howard Brasted,Associate Professor Ian Copeland, Kathryn Jaques, Associate Professor Peter Mayer, and Dr Denis Wright. In the case of the librarians there were Jack Bedson, Marie Sexton, Bill Cations, Helen Soemardjo, Pauline Dickinson and Pam Longley. During 1996, the administration of the project was carried out at Curtin by a Survey Committe, which included, in addition to those directly involved in developing the Database, Dr David Charnock, Cliff Law, Carol Newton-Smith, Derek Sylvester and Lyn Vautier. Their input proved to be invaluable.

Equally supportive have been those libraries which have been approached to provide information for the project. In some cases, this help extended to the provision of desks, access to computers, access to computer files containing South Asian records, and the appointment of a contact person within the host library. Such libraries included the National Library of Australia; the Australian Museum Library; the Bailleau Library, University of Melbourne; the Barr Smith Library, University of Adelaide; the Botanical Gardens Library South Australia; the Fisher Library, University of Sydney; Flinders University Library; the Menzies Library, Australian National University; Meteorological Bureau, South Asutralia; Reid Library, University of Western Australia; State Library of New South Wales; the State Library of South Asutralia; and the University of Queensland Library.

Finally, three organisations at Curtin University have ensured the success of this Database: the Department of Information Studies, School of Social Sciences and Asian Languages, has provided the necessary technical skill as well as the necessary hardware and software to ensure its completion; the Robertson Library has contributed a range of on-going facilities, both personnel and office space; and the South Asia Research Unit (SARU) has managed the project from its inception through to its conclusion.

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